Contest Rules & Info

PRIZE MONEY. Awards and Prize Money will be awarded to the Top 10 teams for each category. As described in the attached Prize Money Guarantee, the Total Purse this year will be $9,000 (an increase of $3,000 above last year’s total purse).

Grand Champion  = $1,000 & Trophy
Reserve Champion  = $500 & Trophy
3rd Place Overall = $400 & Certificate
4th Place Overall = $300 & Certificate
5th Place Overall = $200 & Certificate
People’s Choice – Wings = $120 & Certificate
People’s Choice – Pork Butt = $120 & Certificate
Dessert – Taste = $60 & Certificate
Dessert – Presentation = $60 & Certificate

1st Place$250 & Trophy$250 & Trophy$250 & Trophy$250 & Trophy
2nd Place$200 & Certificate$200 & Certificate$200 & Certificate$200 & Certificate
3rd Place$180 & Certificate$180 & Certificate$180 & Certificate$180 & Certificate
4th Place$170 & Certificate$170 & Certificate$170 & Certificate$170 & Certificate
5th Place$160 & Certificate$160 & Certificate$160 & Certificate$160 & Certificate
6th Place$140 & Certificate$140 & Certificate$140 & Certificate$140 & Certificate
7th Place$130 & Certificate$130 & Certificate$130 & Certificate$130 & Certificate
8th Place$120 & Certificate$120 & Certificate$120 & Certificate$120 & Certificate
9th Place$110 & Certificate$110 & Certificate$110 & Certificate$110 & Certificate
10th Place$100 & Certificate$100 & Certificate$100 & Certificate$100 & Certificate

CHECK-IN. Check-in will begin on Thursday at 2:00pm and will continue Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Note the included Tentative Event Schedule provided as an attachment to these Rules and Regulations. Competition will be located in the Town Center of Carlton Landing, Oklahoma. Prior to the competition, registration information will be emailed to the point of contact listed on the Team Entry Form with follow-up competition information, a map, and an updated schedule of events. Event direction signs will be installed along all major thoroughfares directing cook teams to a pre-staging registration area. Teams will be directed to their Cook Site as they arrive. Teams needing to arrive Thursday evening should contact Grant Humphreys at (918) 932-9254 or by email at

COOKS’ MEETING. The mandatory cooks meeting will be held Friday at 4:00pm in the Judges Tent located within the competition area.

COOK TEAMS. Each team must have a designated head cook, who may not participate competitively with other teams nor enter more than one team in the same event. Head cooks are responsible for making himself or herself familiar with the Rules for the Contest, such that they arrive at the event prepared to comply with all requirements. Head cooks are also responsible for the team’s adherence to the event’s rules and KCBS competition rules. Teams must comply with any and all applicable local and state health and safety laws and regulations.


  • The Head Cook is responsible for the conduct of all team members and guests.
  • Under no circumstances are alcoholic beverages to be distributed to the public by the teams. Team members are expected to be discreet in consuming alcoholic beverages themselves in a professional and responsible manner.
  • All teams are requested to respect the rights of others with special emphasis against loud music, profane language, and infringement on adjoining sites.
  • Team must conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • Pets are allowed in the competition area but must comply with the Town of Carlton Landing’s leash ordinance. Please respect other team’s sites and privacy.
  • Clean-Up and Exiting: All teams are required to clean up their assigned cooking areas and return the sites to pre-competition conditions.

COMPETITION COOK SITES. The following regulations apply to competition cook sites in the contest:

  • One Per Team. There shall only be one team per BBQ pit, smoker or grill. Teams sharing cook sites is not permitted.
  • Check-In. Teams can arrive as early as 2:00pm on Thursday of the competition. Teams requiring an earlier arrival should contact Grant Humphreys by email at or at (918) 932-9254 to discuss special accommodations.
  • Tidiness. Teams must place 100% of their property, including all equipment, supplies, vehicles, campers, etc. within their cook site. No two-story structures will be allowed, and no on-site expansion beyond the area of the designated cook site will be allowed.
  • Power. The event organizer will use best efforts to provide power within 125′ of each cook site, but each team should be equipped with at least 150′ of extension cords capable of handling the required load.
  • Generators. Since power is readily available, generator use is discouraged. Any complaints of noisy generators will be cause to have the noise addressed.
  • Water. The event organizer will use best efforts to provide water hook-ups within 75’ of all competition sites, but each team should be equipped with at least 100′ of potable water hose.
  • Supplies. Each team must supply its own cooking ingredients, grills, smokers, utensils, tables, chairs, wood, charcoal and other materials needed by team.
  • Open Fires. Open fires on the ground are not permitted. We understand that coals need to be created for smoking, so please keep all fires contained. A fire extinguisher must be readily available and must be provided by each team.
  • Waste. Barrels will be available for dumping hot ashes / coals, grease, and grey water throughout the competition area. Please use properly marked containers. A 96-gallon rollout recycling container will be provided throughout the competition area. Trash shall be tied up and secured in a bag, then placed next to your site for pick up.
  • Toilets. Portable toilets and hand washing stations will be available within the competition area.

MEAT INSPECTION. You may choose to have your meat inspected during check-in or once your team is setup on site. The meat inspector(s) will be on-hand to insure that (1) Meat / pork / chicken is not marinated or seasoned prior to the event, and (2) all meats cooked at the Contest have been purchased from a USDA-approved source like grocery store, butcher, etc. As this Contest is being conducted according to KCBS Rules, it is perfectly legal to trim the meat / pork / chicken in advance.

Meat inspection times are Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. If you are not ready for meat inspection during check-in, you will receive a flag to place on your site somewhere visible to notify inspectors you are ready for inspection. Cooks must prepare and cook in as sanitary a manner as possible. Teams may trim meats before arrival but must wait until AFTER inspection to season, inject, and cook meats on-site.

PARKING. Parking will be available in the designated parking lot adjacent to the competition area. By 5:00pm on Friday, all vehicles must be relocated from the competition area except RV’s and trailers located within their respective cook sites. For the rest of the weekend, vehicles parked in the competition area will not be allowed to come and go unless you are making deliveries to the cook site.

BBQ PRODUCT VENDING. You may choose, free of charge, to sell barbeque products such as commercial rubs, sauces, books, videos or cooking related items or paraphernalia relating to your individual team. Selling of any prepared food products or beverages is prohibited.

ICE Bags of ice will be made available for purchase from the judges tent.

GREASE / ASH DISPOSAL. At least two locations for grease and hot ash/coal disposal will be available within the competition area. Please dispose of materials in properly marked receptacles.

GREY WATER. Grey water may only be disposed in approved marked containers. Grey water that is free of grease and food particles may be discharged on your competition site. Please be courteous to your neighbors.

EMERGENCY SERVICES. Members of the Carlton Landing Volunteer Fire Department and/or a private security detail will be on-site from Friday 8:00am thru the last festival event Saturday afternoon. All emergencies during the competition should dial 911. The physical location of the competition site is Carlton Landing Town Center. Note that AT&T Wireless does NOT have good coverage in the competition area.

PRESENTATION. Entries must be submitted in event-supplied presentation containers. A minimum of six, separate, identifiable food portions must be submitted. In the case of chopped or pulled meat, there needs to be a sufficient amount for each judge to evaluate an amble sample. Teams may submit more than the minimum six portions. Meat may be presented in more than one style.

DISQUALIFICATION. Teams may be disqualified for violations of these rules and regulations or violations of event-specific rules and regulations.

TURN-INS. Turn-in times and the official contest time will be announced at the cooks’ meeting. There may or may not be official notification of approaching turn-in times. Teams are responsible for turning in their entries on time. The designated turn-in table for entries opens five minutes prior to the announced turn-in time, and closes five minutes after the posted turn-in time. Entries in line at the table prior to closing will be accepted. Late (or early) entries will not be accepted.


In electing to participate in the Contest, all participants, including judges, head cooks and team members voluntarily elect to waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages, and relinquish any action or causes of action for personal or bodily injury, wrongful death, property damage or costs incurred that any participant may have against the Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition, the Town of Carlton Landing, Carlton Landing Community Foundation, Inc., Humphreys Partners 2009 LLC, Carlton Landing Town Center Association, Inc., and/or the Kansas City Barbeque Society, their representatives, successors, and assigns. Further, participants willingly grant permission to the Contest Organizers and/or agents, authorized by them, to use any photographs, videotapes, recording or any other record of the event for any legitimate purpose.


FRIDAY NIGHT ANCILLARY COMPETITION. The dessert event will be Friday night at 7:00pm. This is an optional and FREE contest category in addition to the KCBS sanctioned portion of the Contest. Desserts must not be store bought. Desserts may be made in advance of the competition. Whole cakes and pies should be submitted uncut. We will cut thin slices after judges vote on “appearance”. The entry must be the work on an individual team. One entry per team. Prepare a family size serving, not individual servings. Teams will be given blank index cards to list the name of the dessert and what it is. These cards will be shared with the VIP judges. Entrants must be competing in at least one of the KCBS sanctioned categories (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork, and Beef Brisket) to compete in the dessert category. Teams are asked to submit family size entries (not individual portions normally associated with KCBS events).

VIP judges will vote twice; once for their favorite “presentation” dessert, and once for their favorite “tasting” dessert. $60 in prize money will be awarded for first place “Appearance”, and $60 for first place “Taste”. Please indicate your participation by checking the appropriate blank on the Team Entry Form.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE COMPETITION. First and foremost, Teams competing in the Contest DO NOT have to serve the public. The public will be directed to a centrally located People’s Choice tent. For those teams interested and willing to use their own wings and pork, it may be cooked prior to showing up to the event but must be re-heated to a minimum of 165 degrees for 15 seconds and held at a minimum of 140 degrees. All cold items must be held at 41 degrees or below. Otherwise, 20 lbs. of wings and/or two Boston Butts will be provided by the Contest Organizer to the teams at registration or during meat inspection.

FRIDAY NIGHT PEOPLE’S CHOICE WING THROWDOWN. For teams willing to participate in the event, the Contest Organizer will provide each team at check-in or meat inspection with two 10 lb. bags of jumbo separated chicken wings (estimated 120 total wing tips and drumettes) and a full-size aluminum pan to contain your smoked, grilled, fried, sauced, dry rubbed, or naked chicken wings. Each team will turn-in their full-size aluminum pan filled with wings (no garnish!) between 6:00pm – 6:30pm Friday night at the People’s Choice tent that will be located in the competition area. The public will blindly sample and vote for their favorite wing. This is a fundraiser event for “CARLTON LANDING ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL” so please try your best. The People’s Choice winner will be announced during the Saturday awards ceremony and receive $120 and an award.

SATURDAY PEOPLE’S CHOICE PORK CHALLENGE. For teams willing to participate in the event, the organizer will provide each team at check-in or meat inspection with two Boston Butts to prep and smoke, and a full-size aluminum pan to contain the pulled or chopped pork. Each team will turn-in their full-size aluminum pan filled with pulled or chopped pork (no garnish!) after the last competition turn-in between 2:00pm – 2:15pm on Saturday afternoon at the People’s Choice tent that will be located in the competition area. The public will blindly sample and vote for their favorite pork. This is a fundraiser event for “CARLTON LANDING ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL”. The People’s Choice winner will be announced during the Saturday awards ceremony and receive $120 and an award.

Tentative Event Schedule

Thursday, June 14th
Competition Teams may arrive beginning at 2:00pm. If early arrival is necessary, please contact Grant Humphreys, Contest Organizer, by phone at (918) 932-9254 or by email at to make special arrangements.

Friday, June 15th
8:00 am – 5:00 pm Competition Team Check-In 
| Meat Inspection | 
Distribution of People’s Choice Butts and Wings
2:00-4:00 pm Turn-in Box Pick-up (Event Organizer’s Tent)
4:00 pm Mandatory Cooks Meeting (Judges Tent)
5:00 pm Remove all extra vehicles from competition area
6:00 pm Begin People’s Choice Wing Turn-In
6:30 pm End People’s Choice Wing Turn-In
7:00 pm VIP Dessert Turn-In
8:30 pm Live Music: Bluegrass
9:00 pm People’s Choice Wing Challenge Ends (While Supplies Last)
11:00 pm Quiet Time Begins

Saturday, June 16th
7:00 am Quiet Time Ends
10:00 am Festival Activities Begin/KCBS Judges Sign-In
10:30 am KCBS Judges Meeting
12 noon Chicken Turn-in
12:30 pm Pork Rib Turn-In
1:00 pm Pork Turn-In
1:30 pm Beef Brisket Turn-In
2:00 pm Begin People’s Choice Pork Turn-In
2:15 pm End People’s Choice Pork Turn-In
People’s Choice Pork Challenge Begins
3:15 pm People’s Choice Pork Challenge Ends (While Supplies Last)
3:30 pm KCBS Awards Ceremony (at the stage adjacent to Judges Tent)
4:00 pm Cook Teams May Begin Departing